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Maywood Cooperative Nursery School, Inc.

Inspiring Young Minds


With our Director, Liz Jones and team of qualified teachers and aides, we are proud of the many years dedicated to helping children grow and prepare for their next adventure.

Liz Jones, Director 

Miss Liz has been an Early childhood teacher for many years, teaching Pre-K through 2nd grade. She has a love for the Pre-K, especially the Maywood Co-op where she watched her nieces and nephews begin their education. As the Director of the Co-op, Miss Liz loves giving children the same opportunities to help develop their love for learning. 

We have experienced, licensed teachers at the Maywood Cooperative Nursery School:

Ms. Reham Sahar, Four's Teacher

Ms. Reham has been a teacher for many years with the Maywood Schools. Her love for children shines through in everything she does. Miss Reham holds the Maywood Co-op very dear to her heart as it is where both her children attended school and made many friends within the Co-op Family.

Ms. Laura Naranjo-Castro, Co-Teacher Two and 1/2's Teacher

Ms. Laura joined the co-op several years ago as our 3's teacher. She has worked closely with both the 3's and 2 1/2 year olds. Her love for teaching is evident in all that she does.

Michelle Brucato, Teacher's Aide

Ms. Michelle joined the Co-op family from Noah’s Ark in 2013. She has been working with children since 1998. Ms. Michelle’s daughter, Mia also attended Noah’s Ark. We are happy to have her join us at the Maywood Co-op.

Barbara Clasen, Teacher's Aide

Miss Barbara has been involved in the Maywood Co-op for many years. She feels fortunate to have found the Co-op 35 years ago, when her son attended the school. He attended for 2 years and her daughter followed right behind him for another 2 years. During this time she was an active Co-op parent and Board Member. She returned to the Co-op in 1987 as a teacher’s assistant and has since been the Toddler teacher. Miss Barbara was honored by the Parent Cooperative Preschools International organization in 1997 for her outstanding work in the district. Miss Barbara is a proud member of the Co-op family.

Michele Silverman, 4's Teacher

Ms. Michele joined the Maywood Co-Op as a student teacher. Ms. Michele worked with our children all through her college years. After graduation Ms. Michele continued working as our 4's teacher.

Maywood Co-Op Board Members

President: Colleen Chacon

Members:Lauren Venekas

                Danielle Aquilar

                Erika Mac Issaic

                Amaruta Apte

                Natalia Lorenzo

                Alexandra Tanner