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Maywood Cooperative Nursery School, Inc.

Inspiring Young Minds

Celebrating over 45 Years of Learning 

Gift Card Fundraising Program

Order Gift Cards to help the Co-op meet our fundraising goals. Please see Miss Liz for order form.

Memorial Fundraiser

Memorial plaque in memory of a loved one. Donations from $50-$1000. Donations are made in memory of someone, either deceased or alive, to help assist the school with various projects that allow our children to experience the best Pre-School experience possible. If you or someone you know would like to make a donation, please contact Miss Liz. 

Thank You!

We would like to thank our staff, parents, families, friends, alumni, and community for all of your participation, time support, contributions, and donations over the years to make the Maywood Co-op the very special place it is today.

Scholastic Book Club

Orders allow our school, to gain points as our families purchase books. These

points can be used to purchase books, laminating sheets and other educational resources. Families can either set up an account online using our school code or simply return the order form and money to school in your child’s folder.

Online Ordering Information

Web address:

Ask Miss Liz for the activation code.


Please use the following link next time you shop on Amazon:

Share the link with family and friends and Like us on Facebook to share the link: 

Kid Stuff Coupon Books

Kid Stuff books make great gifts!