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Maywood Cooperative Nursery School, Inc.

Inspiring Young Minds

Please email [email protected] for registration information


The Maywood Cooperative Nursery School offers a Toddler's Class (2 1/2), 3’s Class, and 4’s/Pre-K Class.

Our classes are offered Monday through Friday. Please see Letter and Registration Application for class options. We also offer Morning Care and After Care.

The Maywood Co-op offers a developmentally appropriate curriculum, which nurtures the individual strengths and interests of children.

  • Foster independence
  • Develop self esteem
  • Encourage creative expression
  • Motivate intellectual development
  • Develop social skills and friendships
  • Understand and respond to discipline
  • Respect for self and others
  • Love of learning
  • Great "first" school experience.

Children are encouraged to develop critical thinking skills and curiosity, including free play, painting/crafts, cooking, creative arts, music, drama, community awareness, reading and math readiness, and motor skill manipulatives; puzzles, games, and even play dough.

Sparking the Imagination

  • Circle Time – share ideas, plans, and observations. Stimulate thinking, enrich social skills, and expand attention spans.

  • Gross-motor activities - running, jumping, and climbing.
  • Fine-motor activities – hand-eye coordination using beads and laces, pegboards, crayon and scissors.
  • Art – creative expression and concept development using colors, shapes and size.
  • Dramatic play- cooperative play and life skills building self-esteem, vocabulary, and problem-solving.
  • Music – listening and creative expression exploring sound, tempo and rhythm.


- hands-on observation, exploration, and experimentation.

Sand and water

- experiment with textures to promote math, science and language.

Block play

– shapes and sizes, numbers, balance, organization, and cause & effect.

  • Story time - enhances vocabulary and comprehension skills, and expands knowledge base.
  • Computer time – hands-on problem-solving and hand-eye coordination.